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April 13, 2014
by ryanb611
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Challenge Week 5: Media and a Memory

Batman Action Figure Commercial

As a child, I just couldn’t do without my Batman action figure. He was just a normal batman, nothing special. A cape, mask, belt, and a black suit. I would play with him all day, catching crooks and cleaning up the streets of my imagination. None of my other toys could beat him in a fight, and he never let me down. He went with me everywhere in my house, and I always knew he was there with me.

I had an emotional dependency on my Batman. When he was taken away, I would wander around the house, sullen, and eventually pout on the couch. Without Batman, I had nothing to play with. None of my other toys were interesting, and none of my siblings wanted to play with me. I was nothing without Batman, and he was nothing without me.

May 13, 2014
by ryanb611

Reflection of the 7th grade

When I first arrived to the seventh grade in August, I expected lots of homework. Parents and teachers alike warned of the increased workload and little free time. Turns out that they were wrong. Yes, there was more homework, but it was not too hard and I always had time for myself after school.

Another thing that was feared about going into seventh grade was the tough tests that required lots of studying to pass. I found that in most of my classes, I could get high nineties and hundreds without studying at all! The only class that have me trouble was algebra, which I left because I could not keep up with the fast pace and the complex subjects.

After going through the school year, I learned that grades come first above all else, and that sleep is important, but not as important as unfinished homework. Be nice to everyone, or you might earn a bad reputation. Last but not least, I learned to enjoy myself! School can be fun if you have the desire to learn.

May 7, 2014
by ryanb611

What I Want In A Leader

A leader is someone who is caring and compassionate of what or who they are leading. Someone that can keep a level head under lots of stress, and make good decisions. Leaders are the builders of society, and they better know what they’re doing. These are some of the qualities I want to see in a leader.

The world has seen many leaders, both good and bad. They take, destroy, and ruin many lives, but they can also protect, provide, and bring peace and prosperity. Leaders like Ghandi and Abraham Lincoln helped the world be more peaceful and made it a better place. Other leaders like Adolfo Hitler and Joseph Stalin were not real leaders. They lacked the qualities required to be a leader, and instead they were dictators and monsters. They caused the death of millions of people, and the world will never forgive them.

You don’t have to be famous or have a lot of power to be a leader. Anybody can be a leader! All you have to do is help your community in any way, and be a good person.

March 26, 2014
by ryanb611
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My Favorite Quote

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

To me, this quote means that even the greatest and most competent people will fail, and that that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they can recover from the failure and keep improving and getting better. In other words, it means never give up.

I love this quote because it is simple yet very meaningful. It relates to me because if I get a bad grade on something in school, I don’t give up on the class and stop trying. I try to improve my grade and try harder to get my grade up. It also relates to sports. If I am in a football game and we are losing, I just have to try harder to win and make plays.

Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American essayist, lecturer and poet born in 1803. He died in 1882. He was the leader of the transcendentalist movement in the mid 19th century. He strongly believed in individuality and freedom. His work has greatly influenced writers, poets, and philosophers.

March 20, 2014
by ryanb611
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Lake Austin: A Must Visit Place!

Boats glide over the water, towing wake boarders, water skiers, and wake surfers. The bright sun reflects on the beautiful green waves, sparkling like gemstones. Lake Austin is my favorite place in Austin!

The first and most obvious reason I love Lake Austin is the water sports. I like to wakeboard and wake surf, even though I am not very good at it. Almost everyone in my family can wakeboard! It is also really cool to see other wake boarders doing crazy flips and jumps. It is also fun to fish on Lake Austin because it has some bass and tons of perch! There are few things more exciting than the feel of a hard tug on the line. I don’t know if rope swings on the side of the lake are considered water sports, but they are also a really fun and exciting thing to use. Water sports are awesome!

The second reason I love Lake Austin is the culture of the area. Every time my family goes boating we eat at a restaurant called Ski Shores. They have live music and great food, along with lakeside seating! Also, going to the very end of the lake and seeing the
Tom Miller Dam. It’s crazy how it can stop so much water from flowing! All Austin culture is cool though.

These are the reasons I really love to spend time at Lake Austin. I think everyone who visits Austin should go and enjoy the lake and it’s many activities.

March 5, 2014
by ryanb611
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Darkness’ Embrace

Cueva Cañuela (Strobist)
As I walk into the cave, the smell of death and desolation fillS my nose. The scent pervaded the whole area, and invaded my very soul. i already know this cave is home to an evil.

Deeper into the labyrinth I go, the crunching of rodent bones beneath my feet echoing in the vast maze. The walls are damp and slimy with moss, and water drips steadily into a large underground lake. a harsh, cold breeze pushesd by me, and it brings with it dread and regret. I feel like I am getting closer, but to what, I do not know.

I stop suddenly as a booming organ plays haunting tones. The labyrinth shakes as the sorrowful notes ring throughout the air. A maniacal laugh follows the notes, and I hear footsteps coming in my direction. I take off the way I came, and I knew that the stories were true.

The Phantom of the Opera still lives.

José Miguel via Compfight

February 24, 2014
by ryanb611


Reading a good book is one of the most relaxing things to do. You can leave all your worries behind as you go to any place imaginable. My favorite genre is fantasy, closely followed by sci-fi. I love reading!

My favorite thing about reading is how it can provoke emotion through something as plain as words on a page. Books can make me joyful, yet they can also make me want to cry. The mood authors can set is an amazing .i can be taken to a bleak and desolate mountain, or to a peaceful and serene river, or to a roaring battlefield filled with fervent warriors.

Reading also consumes time, making it pass much faster. Something about books just drag you in so that you don’t notice or pay attention to the outside world. I love reading on a plane or on a car because it isolates me from crying babies and snoring old people.

Reading is truly magical. Nothing else can do what it can, and it will never die out. That is why I think reading is great.

February 13, 2014
by ryanb611

Why Long Car Rides are Fun

Siblings cry, brothers shove, parents try to restore peace, and I don’t have to deal with any of it. I have an iPod and earphones so I get to listen to music, play games, and sleep! Long car rides are fun!

My favorite reason I love long car rides is that I can listen to music and play games. I have noise-canceling headphones that block out even the loudest crying, and I have an iPod full of music and an iPad full of games. With a few books added in, I am set for hours of travel! I usually never have time to read a good book or play a fun game of Kingdom Rush after school, so this gives me that opportunity. Something about car rides makes games more fun!

Furthermore, I can sit in the car and not do anything for hours without having to worry about school! Never can I do anything fun after school and not be guilty of putting off homework. With long car rides, I don’t have to worry about putting the homework off because I can’t do it while in the car! Having no worries is great!

All In all, I think long car rides are an enjoyable experience. Even though I have a huge family, I think car rides are great!

February 10, 2014
by ryanb611

Why School Should not Start Later

Many other students in my class are talking about how school should start later, and it’s positive effect. As a person who enjoys his after school time, School should not start later.

First of all, school starts early for a reason! It starts at a little after sunrise, so that when you go to school it is light outside, and when you come home it is still light. If school started later it would have to go further into the afternoon, so we would wast all that morning daylight. If school was later we would have less daylight after school to play sports such as football, basketball and lacrosse. School also starts early because we would get hungry in between the lunch that happens early in the school day and dinner, so we would have to bring snacks.

Secondly, pushing school back will not magically make more time to sleep. After school you will still have to do what you normally do, which may cause you to stay up late–later than if school started early. This means you will still get around the same amount of sleep, and you will not be more rested.

After looking at the pros and cons, school starting later would be negative to students, and would not increase productivity or test scores. Yes, waking up to sunshine outside is up nice, but having lots of time after school is much more useful.

January 29, 2014
by ryanb611

The Great Snow Storm of Austin

On Friday morning, January 24th, everything was still. The grass frozen. The sky dark. The birds don’t sing. This morning was the day of the Great Snow Storm of Austin, Texas. It snowed a whole half inch, and the roads were covered in a whole square centimeter of ice! The residents of Austin were startled by the cold, white substance that was on the ground. “What is it?” They wondered as they sat in their houses. The strange substance melts by noon, and life is returned to its normal state – for now, at least.

On Tuesday morning, January 28th, everything was still. The strange substance had returned. “Quick! To the panic room!” Parents shouted as they herded their children to safety from the substance. Bewildered parents talk as they wait for the substance to leave. “What if it’s toxic? If I step on it I bet you I will die!” A father said. “Oh, I don’t think it’s that bad. It doesn’t look dangerous.” The mother replied. “I’m going to go outside and pick some up.” The mother declared. “What!? Are you crazy? It will kill you in an instant, freeze you solid and poison you!” The father retorted. The mother did not listen, and left the panic room to go outside. She hesitantly turned the doorknob, and walked off the porch. The substance crunched as she stepped on it, and she was unharmed. She picked some up, and it melted in her hands. “It’s melted into water!” She said in surprise. The father came out with a look of disbelief, and picked some up himself. The children followed, and the news was alerted.
Life returned to normal in Austin after discovering that the substance was safe, and children now play in the substance that they decided to call “snow”.

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